VFolk PRO Pod Vape Review

VFolk PRO Pod Vape Review

Product intro and specs

The VFolk PRO is the latest pod vape to hit the market using the
FeelM tech . It uses pre-filled Pods that are not refillable.

It has a buttonless design with 3 different flavored pods: Mint, Mango, Coffee, and Tobacco.

VFolk sent me this device free of charge for the purpose of a review.


  • Leak-proof Design
  • FEELM Technology
  • Inhaling Activation
  • Easy-to-use Pod System – No Filling or Refilling
  • 350 mAh Battery with 30-minute Fast Charge
  • Magnetic Charge

Kit contents

  • 1 x Device
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Build quality and design

The VFolk PRO feels good in the hand. It’s slim, and it has a soft-touch rubberized finish that makes it easy to grip. The pods are held firmly, and they create a good connection when you put them into the battery with magnets.

The VFolk PRO feels really light and stealthy, though it’s a little bigger and taller than the JUUL.

Basically, the mouthpiece of the VFolk Pro is the only thing that stands above the JUUL when you put them side by side. Other than that, the two have a similar form factor.

Monitoring your juice is easy due to the design of the insert and how to the pod fits into the device. A nice cutout helps to show you everything you need at a glance.


  • 1.2ml capacity
  • Not sure of the heating element as it is not described on the pod itself.
  • These are disposable pods and not refillable.


The Vfolk PRO has a nice loose draw but tight enough for MTL. The Pods have a few tasty options. I enjoyed using the device. It’s not quite a cool vape and it’s not quite warm. It’s comfortable. It’s got a looser draw with more airflow than the JUUL, but it produces a strong throat hit. It puts out a decent amount of vapor for its size, and the flavor is about average for a pod vape.

No issues with chain vaping this device.


MINT: Good intense minty flavor without being overpowering. Good refreshing flavor.

MANGO: Sweet but a bit chemically. Not the best but not the worst.

COFFEE: This one was awesome! Had a great bold flavor and coffee lovers will enjoy very much!

TOBACCO: Me personally I am not into Tobacco flavors, but the flavor is pretty on point here. Just not my cup of tea. For those off of cigs this will be a good transition.


The battery is only 350 mAh, but it lasts a long time. I’ve been able to finish a whole pod and still not have the battery die.

The battery status is indicated by an LED toward the middle of the device. It first comes on when you snap a pod into the device, letting you know how much of a charge you have.

Pros / Cons

  • Nice build quality
  • Pod snaps into place
  • A comfortable feeling in the hand
  • Pods hold 1.2 mL
  • No spitback
  • Good vapor
  • Decent flavor
  • Solid throat hit
  • Trapped bubbles in pod affect performance
  • No pass-thru charging


I think the VFolk PRO is a good pod vape with nice build quality and a long-lasting battery overall.

I’m torn. I enjoy using the device, but it is a closed pod system. With so many pod vapes that are refillable these days, having to buy proprietary pods is a hard sell. But if you want all in one, maybe you prefer the convenience.

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